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Reach Your Prospects with Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora and Digital & Traditional Radio

Audio is a perfect medium to reach targeted groups of people with frequency of message. Whether it be Adult Contemporary Music, Sports Programming, or News Radio, an advertiser is sure to find a match in audience and programming.

Streaming, Podcasts, and Pure-Play Digital options such as Spotify and Pandora also offer unparalleled targeting opportunities and delivery options for marketers.

Audio Marketing Benefits Include:

Our Approach

Full Service Across All Audio Platforms

We research all platforms and stations with each campaign to ensure the best fit for our clients’ target audiences. We review pricing while requesting available inventory to ensure that we are receiving spots at the best possible rates. As with Video, we negotiate hard for bonus spots and added-value opportunities. The process is detailed and time-consuming, but with it we know a campaign is well-bought.

We handle all trafficking of spots from production to platform and station. We also work directly with stations on any added-value production that is needed, so our clients can focus on higher value tasks. Our full-service philosophy mandates this.

As the campaign runs, we monitor everything from creative changes to schedule changes. We “post” every week, ensuring that the stations and platforms purchased deliver the rating points and impressions as promised. For any spots that do not run, or stations that do not meet rating goals, we actively negotiate make-goods or refunds for our clients.


Listens On A Monthly Basis

An estimated 193 million or 68% of the US 12+ population listens to digital audio on a monthly basis.


Time In Car

Almost 50% of the time spent listening to audio in the car among 13 to 24 year-olds is to AM/FM radio, surpassing streaming audio, YouTube, and others.


Prefer Smart Speaker Ads

58% of people find smart speaker ads to be less intrusive than other major formats such as TV, print, online, and social.


Reached By Traditional Radio

63% of those in the U.S. age 18+ are reached by radio every day.


Completion Rates

15-second ads have a 91.7% completion rate, while 30-second ads have a 90.5% completion rate.

We have managed Broadcast Radio Campaigns, Sponsorships, and Remotes across the country that generate results.

We target audiences digitally through Streaming platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, and Google Music for our clients.

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