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Reach and Show a Commitment to Local Communities or Niche Groups with Print Advertising

Print encompasses many different forms – Major Dailies, Community Newspapers, Consumer Magazines, Trade Publications, Niche Newsletters and more. In addition to being a great branding vehicle, print is great for complex, detailed messages and can include coupons, mail-in forms, or direct people to web resources.

Print Marketing Benefits Include:

Our Approach

Full Service Across All Print Media

With our full-service approach, we help our clients navigate through all the print options available to land on the most appropriate for their target audience. We plan and purchase all media, traffick needed materials to the print outlets, collect tearsheets, secure make-goods, and reconcile billing. With multiple ads running in multiple print outlets each and every week, we keep it all straight with our custom-built, proprietary media software.
Our clients appreciate our ability to not only buy the right media the first time, but our dedication to manage the campaign from start-to-finish, to handle the nitty-gritty details of make-goods, trafficking, and confirmation of billing. Nowhere is this more evident in our print advertising services.


Increase in Effectiveness

400% increase in efficacy of marketing campaigns that combine print and digital ads.


Trust Print

82% of consumers trust print ads the most when making a purchase decision.


Read Newspapers

70% of households with an income above $100,000 are newspaper readers.


Read Magazines

95% of people under 25 read magazines.


Drives Higher Recall

Print drives higher levels of brand recall vs. digital (77% vs. 46%).

We have run Print Advertising Campaigns targeted to Major Metro Areas, Business Groups, Niche Organizations and Local Communities that educate, engage, and elicit response.

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